Advertising on CTV: Innovation and Reach in the Digital Age

Programatic Advertising

Advertising has significantly evolved with technological advancements, adapting to changes in consumer habits. CTV (Connected TV) advertising stands out as an emerging and rapidly growing strategy, offering new ways to reach users through internet-connected screens. Platforms like Disney and Paramount have transformed the entertainment landscape, making it necessary to adopt innovative advertising approaches to achieve business objectives.

What is CTV?

CTV, or Connected TV, refers to the connection of a screen to the internet to stream video content through devices like gaming consoles, streaming devices, and smartphones. This form of advertising allows brands to reach users more effectively by leveraging the growing popularity of these devices.

Advantages of CTV Advertising

  1. Adaptability to Changes: CTV advertising allows brands to connect with users in new ways, effectively spreading brand awareness.
  2. Greater Reach: The popularity of internet-connected devices increases the dissemination and possibility of capturing user attention.
  3. More Relevant Interaction: CTV content is based on videographic resources that resonate with the target audience, improving interaction.
  4. Increased Impact: The digital environment allows for diversified content, better connecting with users through innovative material.
  5. Precision: Algorithms and filters enhance the directionality of advertising, ensuring the content reaches the right user at the right time.

Consumption Models in CTV

The content consumption models in CTV are diverse and cater to user preferences. The most important ones are:

SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand)

SVOD allows users to consume videos, movies, series, and other content on demand. This model is globally popular as it enables viewers to choose what to watch and when, moving away from passive viewing. Platforms like Netflix exemplify this model, offering access through subscriptions that may involve monthly or recurring payments.

AVOD (Advertising-Supported Video On Demand)

AVOD provides audiovisual content that viewers can access without a subscription fee. These platforms sustain themselves by incorporating advertising within the content. YouTube is a prime example, offering free content supported by ads and compensating content creators through ad revenue.

BVOD (Broadcaster Video On Demand)

BVOD, similar to AVOD, involves content available for free but typically broadcast on traditional TV or cable and also accessible online. This model includes advertising interruptions within the content. It’s a long-standing method for reaching users quickly and effectively.

TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand)

TVOD allows viewers to access content through specific payments for a limited time, akin to renting a movie. This model is often integrated with SVOD and AVOD to offer users additional options and foster loyalty.

Multi-Screen Campaigns

The entertainment industry now offers diverse consumption methods across multiple devices. Multi-screen campaigns are digital tools for strategic and efficient advertising plans. It’s crucial to understand user interactions with each device to tailor content appropriately.

Online and Offline Channels

Effective multi-screen campaigns consider both online and offline channels. Online channels include internet-based platforms like social media, streaming services, and email marketing. Offline channels involve traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio, magazines, and flyers.

Combining these channels ensures comprehensive reach and engagement across various user touchpoints.

Our Service

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Adopting new strategies to connect with users is crucial for innovative advertising campaigns. CTV advertising leverages modern consumption habits, offering greater reach and timely, relevant content. Personalized user experiences through interconnected screens open vast opportunities for impactful advertising.

To ensure harmonious and effective CTV campaigns, it’s essential to understand the advantages of different viewing methods and tailor content accordingly. Now is the time to invest in CTV advertising!

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